We offer Acute and Chronic toxicity tests which are performed for terrestrial and aquatic l organisms including Algae, Daphnia, Fish, Lemna, Honey Bee, Chicken, Earthworm, Silkworm, Pigeon, Quail.

We perform ecotoxicological studies in compliance with international guidelines, including EPA, OECD, EPPO, OPPTTS, SETAC, IOBC, and JMAFF.

Aquatic Ecotoxicology

• Alga Growth Inhibition Test.

• Acute Immobilization Test in Daphnia.

• Daphnia Magna Reproduction Test.

• Acute Fish Toxicity Test.

• Lemna Growth Inhibition Test.

Terrestrials Ecotoxicology

• Honeybee – Acute Oral and Contact Toxicity Test.

• Earthworm – Acute Toxicity Test.

• Earthworm – Reproduction Toxicity Test.

• Silkworm Acute and Chronic Toxicity Test.

• Non Target Arthropods (Insect Natural Enemies).

• Avian Acute Oral Toxicity Test.

• Avian Dietary Toxicity Test.